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End of term arrangements:

End of Term: Friday July 21st at 1.20pm. All students to attend period 1 to 4 and be dismissed at 1.20pm. School buses will be changed so students can get home. Please note that the school canteen will not be open for lunch.

Start of Term 1: Tuesday September 5th
Year 7: Start at 9.20am - please do not arrive earlier than this
Year 8-13 start at 9am
All year groups year 7-13 end at normal school time 3.25pm


Get into Teaching - School Direct

Welcome to the Wealden Partnership School Direct


Why train with us?

  • The Wealden Partnership offers high quality teacher training by dedicated professionals in a supportive and aspirational environment.
  • We believe that teaching is a wonderful career and that this is a successfulinnovative and vibrant group of schools to work with.
  • Our partnership of schools is led by Heathfield Community College and comprises three other large secondary schools, Uckfield Community Technology College, Uplands Community College and Beacon Academy.
  • All four schools are highly successful and popular 11 – 18 mixed comprehensives situated in semi-rural communities in the north-eastern corner of East Sussex, within commuting distance of Brighton, Eastbourne and the South Coast.


We are now in our third year of recruiting trainees to our Partnership and are keen to continue to develop this further. Our trainees enjoy their placements with us and are positive about their training experience.

“My time at HCC and with the Wealden Partnership has been extremely positive.”

(MFL SD Trainee 2013-14)

” My training year was a fantastic experience with plenty of support, I gained
experience in all areas of teaching and school life which was invaluable.”

(English SD Salaried Trainee 2014-15)

What is School Direct?

School Direct is a new teacher training scheme. Launched and piloted three years ago it is gradually increasing in popularity and we expect there to be a great deal of interest when the application system goes live.

There are two types of training courses available: School Direct Training where trainees are trained in much the same way as the current PGCE course, and School Direct (Salaried) where trainees are employed by a school and therefore spend more time “on the job” and correspondingly less time studying at the university.

For 2016 the Wealden Partnership is offering a range of training places in a variety of subjects. You can find the details of our programme in the Wealden Partnership document.


Wealden Partnership School Direct Allocations 2016-17

Wealden Partnership consists of Uckfield Community Technology College (UCTC), Heathfield Community College (HCC), Uplands Community College (UCC) and Beacon Academy (BA).

Where the abbreviation HUUB appears, this means that all 4 colleges are considering seeking a trainee in this subject area and that the placement could be in any one of these 4 colleges.

Brighton University – School Direct

Subject Training Programme Code No. Requested Schools
Physics 2RKQ 1 UCTC
Biology 2RKR 1 UCTC
Chemistry 2RKS 1 UCC
Computer Science 2G96 1 BA
Modern Languages 2RKW 3 UCTC & UCC
Religious Education 2V8V 3 UCTC, UCC & BA
Physical Education 2G8C 4 HCC, UCTC & UCC
Mathematics 2G7Z 5 HUUB
Design and Technology 2G85 4 HUUB
English 2RL3 1 UCC
Geography 2G86 4 HUUB
Art and Design 2G83 4 HUUB


Brighton University – School Direct – Salaried

Subject Training Programme Code No. Requested Schools
Physical Education 2RBH 1 HCC
Design and Technology 2G93 1 HCC
Modern Languages 2GCS 1 UCTC
Mathematics 2G94 1 UCC


Sussex University – School Direct

Subject Training Programme Code No. Requested Schools
Psychology 2RG2 1 BA
Social Sciences 2RG3 1 BA
Biology 2RG5 2 HCC & BA
Chemistry 2RK9 2 HCC & BA
Physics 2GCK 3 HCC, UCC & BA
Mathematics 2RKF 2 HCC & BA
Modern languages 2RKH 2 HCC & BA
Media studies 2RKK 1 UCTC
Computer science 2G87 1 UCTC
Drama 2G5V 3 HCC, UCTC & BA
Music 2G7S 4 HUUB
History 2G7P 3 UCTC, UCC & BA
English 2RKM 7 HUUB
Primary 2RL6 3  



Sussex University – School Direct – Salaried

Subject Training Programme Code No. Requested Schools
English 2G8Y 3 HCC, UCTC & UCC
Chemistry 2G8P 2 HCC & UCC
Physics 2G8L 2 HCC & UCC


Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses (SKEs)

The Wealden Partnership are keen to recruit well-qualified, committed and enthusiastic trainee teachers who are passionate about their subject area and keen to share this passion with young people of all abilities in the secondary age range. We work closely with two excellent, local providers (University of Brighton and University of Sussex) to ensure that Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses are available to potential applicants if there is a need to update your subject specialism.

School Experience Placements

As part of our entry requirements we expect applicants to have some experience of working with young people in this age group, possibly in a sports club or similar. It is an advantage to have completed some recent classroom observation in your subject area before you apply. Contact us directly if you would like to spend some time in any of our partnership schools.

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