Uckfield Community Technology College Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3DJ    tel:01825 764844      Email: office@uctc.org.uk

End of term arrangements:

End of Term: Friday July 21st at 1.20pm. All students to attend period 1 to 4 and be dismissed at 1.20pm. School buses will be changed so students can get home. Please note that the school canteen will not be open for lunch.

Start of Term 1: Tuesday September 5th
Year 7: Start at 9.20am - please do not arrive earlier than this
Year 8-13 start at 9am
All year groups year 7-13 end at normal school time 3.25pm



Uckfield Community Technology College is positioned at the heart of the life of the town. We aim to give all our students a lifelong love of learning whilst also extending learning opportunities through adult education to the whole community. We warmly welcome you to come and see the College for yourself; our doors are open to visitors at all times.

Our success, marked by our consistently high achievements in exams and highly complimentary Inspection Reports, is founded in the support and involvement of every individual, and of the town itself. This includes close communication and curriculum links with local primary schools, and joint ventures with local businesses.

Community is the central concept upon which our College ethos is built. Students at Uckfield Community Technology College affect and influence their own environment; they respect the learning of others as well as their own personal tutor and head of their year group for their seven years in College. This is an essential part of the College culture which ensures that each student's individual needs are catered for.

If your child is unwell

If your child is unwell it would be appreciated if you could phone the College on 01825 764844 by 8:50 am so relevant teachers and staff can be made aware.


Holiday/absence in Term Time

Important changes to ESCC penalty provision for unauthorised absence. We are determined, as always, to work with you and your child to enable them to fulfil their potential. Department for Education guidelines are that holidays in term-time are unauthorised. However, a Head Teacher is allowed the discretion to consider authorising a holiday in term time only in “exceptional circumstances”. If you are of the opinion you have to take a holiday in term time, and you believe that there are exceptional circumstances which would validate this, please obtain and complete the necessary form (available to download below or from reception) and return to the Principal at least 14 days before the date you wish to remove your child from school. Please be aware that if your request for holiday in term time is unauthorised by the Principal, the Behaviour & Attendance Service will be notified of the holiday taken and a Penalty Notice will be issued. Please note that such a Penalty is issued to each parent for each child taken out of school. A Penalty Notice is a fine of £50 which increases to £100 if not paid within the first 28 days. Thereafter, if the Penalty remains unpaid this may result in legal action.

Consent Form

A consent form for students going on trips or attending out of school activities may be downloaded from the links below. (Titled "Form Extended School and Offsite Learning")


Fair Processing Notice

These links are provided in respect of our Fair Processing Notice. You will have received or will be receiving during the academic year a short version of this notice which outlines access to the data that we hold at Uckfield Community Technology College by external organisations. The full version of the notice can be downloaded from the link below.

Department for Education
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
Department of Health
Primary care Trusts

Fair Processing Notice (pdf)
Extended Schools and Offsite Learning (pdf)
Extended Schools and Offsite Learning (word)
Request for Absence in Term Time (pdf)
Request for Absence in Term Time (word)